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the Lex van den Berghe community

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27th March 2005

kaseykay7:03pm: Lex on Survivor: Palau
Hey, guys! Well, I guess some of you guys know me, I was reading back on some of the discussions... I'm Kasey Kay, the one who runs the Lex fanlisting (http://lex.fan-cythis.com). Believe it or not, I just got an LJ, and I did it solely so that I could join this group! LOL.

Anyways, I have something to say! I recently emailed Lex and asked him where he was and what he was doing, and what he thought about Survivor Palau, and he actually responded!!! He says he likes the season. :) LOL. And he isn't writing an opinion column on this season, unfortunately. *sighs* I emailed back with more questions, of course, specifically what he thinks about Angie, but I haven't received a response yet so I don't think he will email me back again! Oh, well, it was sweet hearing from him the first time... Lex is awesome!!!

24th October 2004

harleen1:29pm: Lex's latest *The Skinny* column, from today's *Santa Cruz Sentinel*, 24 October 2004:


26th September 2004

alldaysucker3:13pm: hey there!
Check it out...
Lex and I


12th September 2004

harleen9:03am: Lex's latest "The Skinny" column, from "The Santa Cruz Sentinel", 12 September 2004....


20th June 2004

harleen2:23pm: Lex's latest "The Skinny" column, from today's Santa Cruz Sentinel:


5th June 2004



*breaths fastfastfast*

Hey!I really think in this photo Lex looks attractive!!!HE.IS.SO.HOT.

OMG...........I nearly die..........

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miraclepc2:53pm: *waves*New here!
Hi everybody!I'm from China and really hooked on with Lex!!!He's punk isn't he!And that's what I like he the most.Also he's a great guy,nice guy.:)
Current Mood: cheerful

23rd May 2004

harleen10:17am: Lex's latest "The Skinny" column, from today's Santa Cruz Sentinel:


enjoy! :-)

21st May 2004

harleen9:03am: for screaminglonely....

the webmistress for the Lex fanlisting (the link to that is on the community profile page) just contacted me and asked if she could use the Lex icons you made on her site...she wants to create a section with Lex icons, graphics, avatars etc. and wants to know if she can use them.

I want to be sure that is okay with you before I answer her!

comment and let me know...okay? thanks!! :-)

19th May 2004

genoworld12:13am: I live near Santa Cruz, and I'm going there on Saturday! Maybe I'll see him there. Anybody know where I should check?

18th May 2004

smurfy_steph7:58pm: Does anyone have a picture of Lex when he was in the jury with the mohawk?

16th May 2004

harleen2:18pm: making a list of Lex links!
I want to make a list of Lex links for the community, so we have a convenient list of all that is Lex on the net...

if anyone knows of any good sites that feature Lex (besides his site), please let me know. thanks!
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14th May 2004

harleen2:26pm: Lex's latest "The Skinny" column for the Santa Cruz Sentinel, from the 9th of May (this past Sunday):


I think the end bit is amusing....
harleen2:20pm: here's a great article on Lex and his family, it really made me love him that much more when I read it....

(the original link was coming up with a 404 error, so I put the Google cached link for now instead!)

I like it when his wife Kelly mentions that Lex wanted the million dollars to help his autistic son...my own daughter is autistic, so I know what a help it would have been to them....
screaminglonely1:28pm: Not only have I gone Lex crazy, but I've gone icon crazy, as well.

I've been searching the 'net for the better portion of the morning, but was unable to come up with any good pictures of our beautiful Lex to use for more icons. I already have the pics from CBS and Lex's website - does anyone know where other [good] ones are hiding?

I'd love to find a picture of him with either his blue hair or the mohawk - any help you guys can give is greatly appreciated!
fishwife7:08am: Great idea for a community!

Is it just me, or were any of you disappointed to NOT see Lex's name as one of the contenders for "sexiest male survivor"?

Colby? Blah.

13th May 2004

harleen10:28pm: welcome!
welcome to the lexvandenberghe community...a place for Lex fans to talk about their favourite Survivor! this place is still new, so feel free to join, post away...and if you have any suggestions for interests etc. please let me know!! :-)
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